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Noble Roses

Last week I received these beautiful arrangements from Noble Roses. You probably have already seen these roses gift box all over social media, but these roses are curated to last forever… Okay, well not forever-forever. Forever is a really strong word. Haha, nonetheless, these roses from Noble Roses are supposed to last for 3 years, which explains why they’re a bit on the pricier side.

They are so gorgeous and elegant. To be honest, I’ve always felt that flowers aren’t really my thing. I personally wouldn’t want to receive roses for Valentine’s day simply because I feel like they barely even last a week. It’s such a waste of money if you ask me. My mom, on the other hand, loves flowers and roses. So this would be the ideal gift for her. Not only are they beautiful but they last for several years.

This is perfect if you don’t know what to get for your significant other for Valentine’s Day. Also, it’s not too soon to start thinking about Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day seems like a long time until then, but before you know it, it’s going to be May.

Finally, what’s really cool about Noble Roses is that you can customize the arrangement! They have a handful of different boxes to choose from: 2 sizes (small and large), 2 shapes (round or square), and 4 colors (black, white, burgundy, or pink). You can do all the same color or even a pattern of two colors. The possible choices with this company are endless!

Noble Roses - Valentine's Day - Demi Bang

One last thing I would like to mention, Noble Roses is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Yay for supporting local businesses! So if you need the roses ASAP, you can definitely coordinate a time to pick them up instead of having them ship it!

Check out their website and Instagram to see more of their arrangement.


Ellie Activewear - Tempe Beach Park - Ariel Miles Photography - Demi BangPhotographer: Ariel Miles

Ellie Activewear – January

I am back again with another Ellie monthly box review. If you didn’t already know from my previous Ellie blog post for December, Ellie is a monthly subscription service that delivers you… You guessed it! Activewear! Huge fan of working out, so obviously I’m obsessed with this company. Ellie has two package service: $39.95 for 3 items and $49.95 for 5 items. These items include a sports bra, top, and a pair of leggings. Then the upgraded version includes two accessories.

I also did an unboxing YouTube video if you’re interested in watching that.

Ellie Activewear - Tempe Beach Park - Ariel Miles Photography - Demi Bang

Matte Graphic Tank

This month’s top is a white tank top. It’s light, flowy, and airy, and I love the gradient print on the word “FIT”. Such a cute top and it totally screams out to everyone that you’re fit! Haha.

Get fit and fierce in the New Year sporting our Matte Graphic tank. It’s everything you need in a go-to workout top, crafted from lightweight cotton and completed with a slim racer back and shirttail hem.

Ellie Activewear - Tempe Beach Park - Ariel Miles Photography - Demi Bang

Lea Seamless Sports Bra

These strappy designs are so cute! One thing I don’t think is that the part where it lays on my shoulders are a little bit too tight so it feels uncomfortable. I wish I had gotten a bigger size for the sports bra so the straps aren’t constantly rubbing on my shoulder. Other than that, I love the vertical strips on the bottom of this sports bra and they have removable cups. Yay!

Cool strappy back details and contrast stripes at the underband gives our Lea Seamless sports bra a contemporary edge without sacrificing comfort and support. It’s the perfect addition to your 2018 workout wardrobe.

Ellie Activewear - Tempe Beach Park - Ariel Miles Photography - Demi Bang

Tummy Control Laced Ankle Legging

Majority of my leggings is either a solid color or color blocked. This strappy design goes perfectly with the sports bra. To be honest, I don’t see myself wearing these leggings as much as I’m not a really big fan of the straps. It just looks off to me. I would wear this to the gym of course, but probably not for leisure or for going out. Is that weird? The white part of the leggings is mesh. Also, another pro about these leggings is the pocket! Last month, I talked about how there weren’t any pockets, but this month’s legging has one pocket in the back. It’s small enough for a credit card size but not big enough for my phone.

Our Tummy Control Laced Ankle Legging is made of performance fabric with a coolmax gusset liner that will keep you looking good throughout your toughest workouts. Additional features include side crisscross details, power mesh insets and slimming seam lines.

Ellie Activewear - Tempe Beach Park - Ariel Miles Photography - Demi Bang

Two Accessories

This month, the two accessories I received were a 3-pack performance loops and a GRLPWER pouch. I definitely see myself using the performance loops a lot. In fact, it was one of those things where I’ve been wanting for a while now so this was perfect! I will be using this at home when I can’t go to the gym or I’ll add it to my workout to increase difficulty.

Definitely, love the black-and-white color scheme of this month’s box. Thank you to the team at Ellie for sending me this month’s box and I am seriously grateful for them. 10/10 will always recommend!


demi bang - eat enlightened demi bang - eat enlightened demi bang - eat enlightened

Eat Enlightened

Let’s talk about yummy snacks with high fiber and protein! I genuinely am obsess with Eat Enlightened. Funny story: (okay, not really funny but…) A couple of weeks ago when I was unboxing the package, my then-boyfriend randomly FaceTimed me. I showed him all the snacks I received since I know he’s always complaining about how I don’t consume enough protein in my eating habit. The moment he saw that they were high in protein and basically healthy, he was like “Wait… I want some!” Y’all, I told him to wait until I finish taking the photos for my blog but he devoured a couple of them! Luckily the ones he ate, there were two of them, so I wasn’t THAT mad. These snacks are so delicious and you can easily tose them into a salad for a crunch or eat them on the go. Definitely check them out!

demi bang - eat enlightened

ENLIGHTENED Marshmallow Treats are a protein-packed twist on a delicious classic. Satisfy your craving for the delicious marshmallow cereal bars of your childhood with lots of protein and not a lot of sugar.
– High Protein
– High Fiber
– Gluten Free
– Peanut Free

demi bang - eat enlightened

Enjoyed around the world for their delicious flavor and satisfying crunch, broad beans are a nutrition powerhouse packed with protein and fiber. ENLIGHTENED Roasted Broad Bean Crisps are lightly roasted in sunflower oil, and seasoned to perfection.
– High Protein
– Low Fat
– High Fiber
– Gluten Free

They have a variety/sample pack of the Roasted Broad Bean Crisps if you are interested in trying some! Also, they have ICE CREAM (bars and pints). I haven’t tried their ice cream yet, but if you follow me on Instagram, I will keep you guys updated on when I do!

demi bang - eat enlightened



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Ellie Activewear - Demi BangPhotos by Valerie Loo

Ellie Activewear

The other week I was going through Instagram and heard about this company Ellie. Let me tell you guys: I am seriously obsessing over this monthly subscription service! Ellie is a monthly subscription service that sends you WORKOUT CLOTHES. Many of you know this but I love working out. I love going to the gym so I’m always on the hunt for cute clothes I can work out in.

Ellie has two subscription plan: $39.95 and $49.95. The first plan includes a top, sports bra, and leggings. The second plan includes those three items as well as two additional accessories. Ellie sent me the $49.95 option and I totally forgot to take pictures of the two accessories I received. If you’re interested in seeing the two accessories, check out my YouTube video.

Ellie Activewear - Demi Bang

Marika Top

I love crop muscle tees when I workout. I actually have a similar top in the same style but it’s all cotton and grey. If you know me in real life, you probably have seen me worn it multiple times. The back of the top is mesh so it’s perfect if you sweat a lot on your back since the fabric allows you to air out your sweat.

Make power moves all December long in our Luxe Crop Tank, featuring a mesh drape back with an opening detail, high neckline, and Dry Wik finish. This top will take you from your high-intensity workouts to Sunday brunch with the girls.

Ellie Activewear - Demi BangEllie Activewear - Demi Bang

Marika Sports Bra

I love the second layer of the mesh, but I personally don’t like the v cut design. This is simply because I am very flat chested and I do not want to draw any attention to my chest area. I usually just stick to plain (very plain) sports bra. My favorite part of the sports bra is the removable cups! I love having these in a sports bra so I don’t have to worry about anything poking through if you know what I mean… Haha, but overall, I do love the sports bra, It’s just my least favorite out of the three.

Our Remi sports bra was designed to stay in place during your toughest workouts. It’s complete with a mesh overlay for more ventilation, crisscross strap details at the back for extra support, and removable cups pads for a customizable fit.

Ellie Activewear - Demi Bang

Marika Leggings

I love color blocking. I’m not a big fan of pattern leggings at all so these leggings were perfect for me. It’s either color blocking or a plain color when it comes to leggings. I love the fit of these and these are squat proof! One thing I did wish these leggings have is pockets. I love pockets because when I’m at the gym, I hate putting my phone on the floor especially if I want to change the music or write down how many sets/reps I’ve done. It’s just more convenient to have pockets in leggings. Also, I love the cut of these leggings; they fall perfectly right at my ankles, which is pretty nice!

With a bold color block design, our Track Ankle legging lends a dynamic style for in and out of the gym. Details include an ankle length inseam, 3” flat waistband, and moisture wicking fabric.

Ellie Activewear - Demi Bang

Two Accessories

This month’s box came with a jump rope from Marika and a hot/cold clay pack from Balance Collection. To be honest, I most likely will not use the jump rope at all but I will definitely be using the clay pack to its full potential. I get really bad cramps during the time of the month so I will for sure be heating the pack up.


I honestly 100% recommend this monthly subscription service to anyone who loves workout apparel. Through this service, you’ll never have to shop for activewear outfits ever again! Although for me personally, I would opt for the $39.95 option instead. I don’t think I will be using the accessories as much. Looking at previous monthly boxes, I’m just not an accessory kind of person. With the subscription service, you have five days to preview what’s going to be in the box. From there, you have the chance to opt out if you don’t like the month’s items. I would like to mention that the package is sent in a beautiful rose gold color. Also, I believe Ellie just sent me another box so I’m so excited for the January edition! Nonetheless, I definitely recommend this service to anyone who loves activewear and I personally would sign up for this service myself as well.



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Not going to lie, I am a little bit late in this post. Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) is tomorrow and I’m now just posting about this. My bad. Anyways, Underclub was kind enough to send me a package of their holiday set for me to show you all.

For the holidays season, Underclub is having two “Naughty or Nice” holiday set which is honestly so clever. The Naughty set includes a sexy, daring red luxury underwear with essential oil and a charcoal face mask. The Nice set includes a delicate white underwear with a bath bomb and a rosewater facial toner.


Why Did I Go With The Naughty Set?

While I’m a very good girl, I went with the Naughty gift set because I felt like I would use the products in that gift set more than the Nice gift set. I am currently obsessing over the essential oil and love using it on my boyfriend when giving him a massage. (For all my queens out there, make your boy give you a massage. I just love giving him a back massage because that’s just me and our relationship. Haha)

These gift set are so perfect for the holidays and while Christmas is tomorrow, just because by the time you order it won’t arrive on time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase one for you or that special lady in your life. Better late than never!

Not Interested in the Gift Set?

No worries. Underclub has their normal monthly subscription. For $12.95 a month, you get a luxury designer underwear cater to your preference. You can choose between thongs, bikinis, or cheekies, and whatever material you’d like. Talk about full control over your subscription! This company definitely give you a sexier and more daring feel. Love this luxury underwear.


Recommend 10/10.

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YASHEL Athletics - Demi Bang

YASHEL Athletics

YASHEL Athletics were kind enough to send me these two pairs of shorts: Body Active Shorts Marble and Body Active Shorts Nude. These shorts are a bit too short on me; they do show my butt cheeks when I’m squatting or walking. I went hiking in these and while they felt super comfortable, I found myself flashing my butt cheeks. With that being said, I recommend going up a size. These shorts reminds me of my cheer days when I would wear shorts like these to practice. My favorite part of these shorts are the pockets! I’m a sucker for any clothing item with pockets. Another nice feature they have is a small pocket in the back on the band with a zipper. This feature is perfect for your driver’s license or any important cards that you don’t want to fall out.

Website description of these shorts:

The body-hugging nylon spandex helps keep you nice and snug, while being free to Do Great at whatever you put your mind to. Use the side pocket to hold small amenities; you deserve another set of hands.

These shorts are made out of moisture management Nylon-Spandex. These features include:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Prevents odor, and bacteria growth
  • Smooth, breathable touch
  • Quick dry

ALSO, YASHEL is currently running a campaign called YOU-ME-WE. They match each purchase with a donation of athletic wear to those in need. This is a great cause and definitely go check it out here.

YASHEL Athletics - Demi Bang YASHEL Athletics - Demi BangYASHEL Athletics - Demi Bang




Laser Genesis - Pearl MedSpa - Demi Bang

Last week, I had the opportunity to get a Laser Genesis from Pearl Medspa. Pearl Medspa has two locations: Scottsdale, Arizona and Portland, Oregon.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis uses a non-invasive laser technology and is FDA approved. It can treat fine line wrinkles, pores, stretch marks, sagginess, diffuse redness, and scars. Not only is there no downtime for this procedure, but also this treatment is perfect for all skin types and colors. It is recommended that you get the treatment done in series for better results; however, you can have it done once and still be able to see results.

The Process

I, of course, went to the location in Scottsdale. My nurse was April Lam and she was so informative about the whole process. During our consultation, she made sure I understand what the treatment was about and other services that Pearl Medspa offers.

After the consultation, April took me to the room where the treatment will be happening. She gave me a robe to change into (it was optional but it was so soft and fluffy that I couldn’t resist). April first cleanse my face so she can take before pictures. They give you a damp gauze to protect your teeth from the laser, which explains why my mouth looks so weird during the procedure haha. In addition, I also had on protective eyewear.

Throughout the treatment, she asked me if I was doing okay. It felt like a little zap on your face. The process did sting a little bit in some areas but it wasn’t anything that was unbearable. Not to mention, the treatment took about 20 minutes and 30 minutes total including consultation and everything.

I can definitely tell the difference in my pore sizes after the treatment, as well as the reduction of my broken capillaries. From the picture, you can see how much brighter my complexion was. Keep in mind that these photos had the same light setting and were unedited!

If you guys are interested, Pearl MedSpa will be giving a complimentary SilkPeel facial treatment (a $149 value) with a Laser Genesis treatment. Don’t forget to mention my name!

Pearl MedSpa
7144 E Stetson Dr Ste C120
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Laser Genesis - Pearl MedSpa - Demi Bang Laser Genesis - Pearl MedSpa - Demi Bang

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GlassesUSA was kind enough to send me two pairs of glasses. I am seriously in love with the Elliot style glasses. In addition to the Elliot style glasses, the other pair I received was Thackery, which I got for my boyfriend. He absolutely loves his pair of glasses and has gotten a lot of compliments on them! Definitely check them out. They offer prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, including designer brands such as Prada, DKNY, and Michael Kors. Not to mention, each pair of glasses comes with a card with your prescription on it, which I thought was pretty neat!