2018 - Demi Bang

I am so eager for change. Here’s why 2018 is going to be my year.


I am going to be alone. For the past couple of years (basically, since I started dating in 8th grade), it was always relationship after relationship. No more. I am craving for that solitude. I am making a vow to myself that I will not be in a relationship until at least half the year. While I obviously can’t stop things from happening (fate or God or whatever the case you believe), I promise to truly understand the meaning of self-care and self-love before immersing myself into something that could potentially lead to sleepless nights and endless pain.

Self-care and self-love are more than just loving your physical self and spoiling yourself with luxury skincare products. It is being satisfied with who you are and where you are heading towards. I have so much potential, to be honest. I have so many plans for the next couple of months with my blog, school, and career. My plans for the next couple of months include traveling to LA for the whole summer. While my former boyfriends never asked me to put aside my plans, it felt like an obligation. I understand that it was my doing but when I start caring for someone, I can’t help it.


While it’s nice to travel with someone, it’s hard if they can’t go with you. I have two travel plans for this upcoming year 2018 and I honestly can’t be worried about them seeing someone else while I’m away or missing anyone. I don’t have time to miss people! The first one is to LA. I am planning on doing an internship out in LA during the summer (2018) and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can stay with a relative out there! My second and most exciting plan is a spiritual trip to Portland. I actually was planning on taking this trip last summer (2017) but financial issues came up. At that time, postponing the trip was the most responsible thing I could have done. I want to go out to Portland for a week and enjoy the hike and meet with other creatives in the community.


This section is important because I have so many interests to the point where I don’t know what exactly I want to do with my life. I love math; hence, I am a math major. I want to go into Public Relations; hence I am double majoring in communication. Part of me always wanted to go into the medical field and become a Physician’s Assistant but realistically I don’t like biology or chemistry, and PA programs are so freakin’ EXPENSIVE. I just want to be able to inject botox! I’ve also thought about becoming a Pharmacist (worked in OTC at Walmart for a while and joined ASU Pre-Pharmacy club too). Haha. This is the time for me to dabble in these areas of what I am interested in so I can figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Palm Reading 2018 - Demi Bang

Palm Reading Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook post regarding talking to a medium. While I had no interest in connecting with anyone deceased, the more I read the comments on that post, the more interested I became in seeing a psychic for a reading. I originally didn’t have any reason to go. I didn’t feel lost or felt like I needed guidance. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, my then-boyfriend and I got into a really bad argument and took a break for a while. I was upset and after talking to one of my friends, the topic of palm reading came up. The next day, we went to go get our palms read.

What The Psychic Told Me:
  • I have a long life.
  • I seem happy and satisfied but deep down, I’m not. (Sometimes I’m so good at faking it that I actually believe I’m truly happy and that depression/social anxiety isn’t a thing)
  • Financial issues have been difficult for me to grasp. (This can be said to every college student?)
  • My family is giving me stress. They’re expecting too much from me.
  • The ocean, lake, water is where I find my happiness. (True because if you read my Sedona post here, you would know that I wanted to go somewhere with water)
  • My grandpa is protecting me and guiding me towards the right path. (Maybe? Not really close to my grandpa but he did past away two years ago from this month)
  • My dreams are messages. (Haven’t really had any dreams since the reading except for going to local coffee shops… What can I say? I love coffee shops, haha)
  • I have a psychic power. I’m constantly sensing my surroundings and reading people (Kind of true? Most of the time I can easily read people and it is often times true)
  • I have two upcoming trips that are both positive (I took one to Tucson for Christmas and it was fairly nice except my then-boyfriend and I got into a major fight Christmas night… But I’m excited to see what the other one is?!)
  • February is the start of a new cycle for me and it is going to be positive. Lots of new doors opening! (No plans happening in February except for Miss Vietnam Arizona pageant… Hmm… Who knows?)
  • There’s a lot of jealousy; I have to be careful with my surroundings. (Not exactly sure if this means I’m gonna be jealous of other people or people are gonna be jealous of me?)
  • A class, training (something short term) that I’m doing is going towards the right direction (Is it one of my math classes? My internship? Training for eyelash extension? I’m doing so many short-term things!)
  • There’s abundle of creativity in my future
  • Negative energy overall and my chakra is unbalance

To be honest, I don’t know how much of this palm reading I believe but I do feel like everything she said was pretty accurate for me. I kind of wish I asked questions, such as “Am I going toward the right career path?”, “Am I going to be overall happy with my life?” or “What is my love life looking like?” I was so scared and nervous that I couldn’t think of anything specific to ask. Part of me wants to know so I can feel relieved but the other part doesn’t want to know because sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

I’ve talked to a couple of people about palm reading (mostly my clients at work). A lot of my clients don’t believe in readings. Some of my clients believe that the mind is so powerful and when people put suggestions in your head, you force yourself to make those predictions true. Thus making what the psychic said to be true. I did, however, meet two clients who have gotten their palm read and both had positive (and true) experiences with it.

Would I Get My Palm Read Again?

Hmm. A big part of me says yes, but another part says no. I still don’t know whether or not I believe in palm readings. Check out this blog post I read about how the author got a bad palm reading and it basically ruined her life. Scary, right? I might go maybe once or twice but I would take it with a grain of salt.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Check out my other blog posts!



The holidays are right around the corner and here is my holiday wishlist! While I don’t expect anyone to purchase any of these for me, it’s more of a “what I need to save for.” I’m not really a materialistic person. I can live without these things. However, If you’re going to get me anything for the holidays, I’ll gladly appreciate money for gas or rent or food! Haha, adulting at it’s finest. Feel free to use this wishlist as a gift guide for someone in your life!

Photo by KaNu Pham

My main wish for the holidays is to spend with friends and families, and my boyfriend. I really want to go on a trip and enjoy nature. But if we’re talking about physical things, here are some things that are on my holiday wishlist.

1. Crossbody Bag

I’ve been eyeing this bag ever since I saw it featured in a YouTube video. It is the Gucci Marmont Mini in Black. I can’t remember what video or who the YouTuber was but it was like, love at first sight. I’ve been wanting a crossbody bag in black for the longest time and while I’ve never seen this bag in person, I definitely feel like this is a perfect size. I’ve been using this crossbody bag that I got from Areopostle 6 years ago and while it does the job, it’s not the cutest nor is it big enough for ANYTHING besides my car keys.



2. Skincare Products

I’ve never really taken good care of my skin. I slept in my makeup numerous of times and I rarely ever use sunscreen on my face. It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend, whom I’ve never seen anyone spends sooooo much time on their skin. He got me CeraVe Renewing SA Cream one time because he said I was going to have wrinkly legs when I’m older considering how dried my legs were. After lecturing me on how important sunscreen is, he also got me Olay moisturizer with SPF 15. Can you tell how much he cares about my skin? Haha, of course after being with him for a while, I took after him.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look up Kim Kardashian’s skincare routine. I’m curious about what someone who can basically afford anything would use on their face. Needless to say, most of her skincare products are ridiculously expensive. While none of these items are in her routine but here’s what’s on my wishlist: La Mer Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, La Mer The Eye Concentrate, Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic Acid + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum, Tracie Martyn International Absolute Purity Toner.



3. Workout Shoes

I normally use my flat sneakers for lifting, but I really want a pair that I can go run or hike in. I usually use my old pair of Nike cheer shoes that I got 7 years ago. SEVEN! That’s almost a decade ago. The bottoms eventually lost its grip and became smooth and slippery. I currently am dying over these Nike Roshe.



4. Workout Clothes

You know how when you get new workout clothes, it makes you want to go to the gym more often? Well, I’m pretty much obsessed with going to the gym. I workout roughly 5 times a week and I know my body needs rest days but I just want to get stronger and stronger! I have two leggings that fit my body comfortably and don’t even get me started on my sports bra. They’re the super cheap ones from Forever 21. Don’t get me wrong, they’re super cute though but they just aren’t the best for actually working out and sweating in.



5. Books Books Books

This one is a biggie on my wishlist. Growing up, my family and I never bought books. Instead, we would just rent them out at the library. I somehow grew up with that mentality to never buy books since once you finish the book, you’ll never read it again. Anyone who knows me in real life knows how obsessed I am with my planner. I color-coordinate the shit out of it. I just want to be able to own books and annotate it. Books that are about self-love and entrepreneurship are my kind of books.


What is on your holiday wishlist? Leave them in the comment below! Feel free to check out my other blog posts.


101 Things in 1001 Days is essentially what it means. These are 101 things I would like to accomplish within 2.75 years. Majority of these tasks probably won’t be accomplished in the time frame but never say never! I’ll be crossing out this list as I achieve them and possibly write a blog post on them as well.

101 Things in 1001 Days - Demi Bang

Start Date: 17 November 2017
End Date: 12 August 2020

[ T R A V E L + O U T D O O R S ]
1. Visit Singapore
2. Visit Vietnam
3. Visit Japan
4. Visit Portland
5. Visit New York City
6. Visit San Fransico
7. Visit Mexico
8. Visit the Ice Cream Museum
9. Go on a trip with my significant other
10. Go camping
11. Go snowboarding
12. Go ice skating
13. Go skydiving
14. Go stargazing/cloud gazing
15. Go on a week-long road trip
16. Rent out a cabin and enjoy nature
17. Study Abroad
18. Go on a trip by myself
19. Hike Grand Falls
20. Visit 10 Ramen places in LA and blog about it
21. Visit 10 Coffee shops in LA and blog about it
22. Have a bonfire
23. Have a picnic

[ C O N C E R T ]
24. Lollapalooza
25. Childish Gambino
26. Gold Rush

[ S O C I A L M E D I A ]
27. 10,000 followers on Instagram
28. 500 followers on my blog
29. 20,000 subscribers on my YouTube
30. Complete a Vlogmas
31. Host/Organize a blogger event
32. Post on YouTube every other day consecutively for a month
33. Blog post twice a week for a month

[ H E A L T H + F I T N E S S ]
34. No soda for a month
35. No potato chips for a month
36. No alcohol for a month
37. No Hot Cheetos for a month
38. No McDonalds for a month
39. No eating out for a month
40. No coffee for two weeks
41. Eat clean for a month
42. Do 100 pushups for 30 days challenge
43. Workout every single day for 100 days
44. Hit the 200 club in back squats
45. Hit the 200 club in bench press
46. Attend a dance class every week for a month
47. Participate in a 5k run
48. Give yoga a try again
49. Take a spin class
50. Stretch every day for a month
51. Be able to do the splits & scorpion

[ E D U C A T I O N ]
52. Get my esthetician license
53. Get trained from Borboleta
54. Get trained in microblading
55. Get on Dean’s List (lol)
56. Attend a blogging workshop
57. Read 5 books from start to finish
58. Get an internship out in LA
59. Graduate from undergrad
60. Apply to graduate school
61. Intern for a modeling agency one semester
62. Intern for a social media position
63. Intern at a MedSpa
64. Improve my Vietnamese (took 1/2 semester)
65. Improve my Chinese

[ B E A U T Y ]
66. Get 2 ear piercings
67. Get a tattoo
68. Get botox (for prevention!)
69. Get lip fillers
70. Get a microneedling facial
71. Get a boob job (lol)
72. Get my wisdom teeth taken out
73. Get straighter teeth (maybe braces again? ugh)
74. Invest in a really good skincare
75. Go completely blonde
76. Wear sunscreen every day for a month

[ G I V I N G B A C K ]
77. Donate blood
78. Attend a charity gala
79. Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters
80. Volunteer once a week for a whole year
81. Pay for the people behind me in drive-thru at In-N-Out
82. Pay for the people behind me in drive-thru at Starbucks
83. Send my mom roses randomly
84. Mail 10 handwritten letters

[ P E R S O N A L ]
85. Attend Phoenix Fashion Week
86. Join a pageant
87. Clean my room at my mom’s house
88. Detach myself from my phone/laptop for 48 hours
89. Cook for my significant other (anything but eggs lol)
90. Move into my first apartment
91. Make a paddle for my Big
92. Work for two weeks straight
93. Unsubscribe from spam emails on my mom’s account
94. Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind” with a friend (have a deep convo w/ them)
95. Fix a relationship that ended on bad terms
96. Get more professional clothing
97. Start listening to podcasts regularly
98. Clean out my clothes and donate old ones
99. Invest in silk pillows
100. Write another 101 Things in 1001 Days

101. Learn how to love myself