Ellie Activewear - Demi BangPhotos by Valerie Loo

Ellie Activewear

The other week I was going through Instagram and heard about this company Ellie. Let me tell you guys: I am seriously obsessing over this monthly subscription service! Ellie is a monthly subscription service that sends you WORKOUT CLOTHES. Many of you know this but I love working out. I love going to the gym so I’m always on the hunt for cute clothes I can work out in.

Ellie has two subscription plan: $39.95 and $49.95. The first plan includes a top, sports bra, and leggings. The second plan includes those three items as well as two additional accessories. Ellie sent me the $49.95 option and I totally forgot to take pictures of the two accessories I received. If you’re interested in seeing the two accessories, check out my YouTube video.

Ellie Activewear - Demi Bang

Marika Top

I love crop muscle tees when I workout. I actually have a similar top in the same style but it’s all cotton and grey. If you know me in real life, you probably have seen me worn it multiple times. The back of the top is mesh so it’s perfect if you sweat a lot on your back since the fabric allows you to air out your sweat.

Make power moves all December long in our Luxe Crop Tank, featuring a mesh drape back with an opening detail, high neckline, and Dry Wik finish. This top will take you from your high-intensity workouts to Sunday brunch with the girls.

Ellie Activewear - Demi BangEllie Activewear - Demi Bang

Marika Sports Bra

I love the second layer of the mesh, but I personally don’t like the v cut design. This is simply because I am very flat chested and I do not want to draw any attention to my chest area. I usually just stick to plain (very plain) sports bra. My favorite part of the sports bra is the removable cups! I love having these in a sports bra so I don’t have to worry about anything poking through if you know what I mean… Haha, but overall, I do love the sports bra, It’s just my least favorite out of the three.

Our Remi sports bra was designed to stay in place during your toughest workouts. It’s complete with a mesh overlay for more ventilation, crisscross strap details at the back for extra support, and removable cups pads for a customizable fit.

Ellie Activewear - Demi Bang

Marika Leggings

I love color blocking. I’m not a big fan of pattern leggings at all so these leggings were perfect for me. It’s either color blocking or a plain color when it comes to leggings. I love the fit of these and these are squat proof! One thing I did wish these leggings have is pockets. I love pockets because when I’m at the gym, I hate putting my phone on the floor especially if I want to change the music or write down how many sets/reps I’ve done. It’s just more convenient to have pockets in leggings. Also, I love the cut of these leggings; they fall perfectly right at my ankles, which is pretty nice!

With a bold color block design, our Track Ankle legging lends a dynamic style for in and out of the gym. Details include an ankle length inseam, 3” flat waistband, and moisture wicking fabric.

Ellie Activewear - Demi Bang

Two Accessories

This month’s box came with a jump rope from Marika and a hot/cold clay pack from Balance Collection. To be honest, I most likely will not use the jump rope at all but I will definitely be using the clay pack to its full potential. I get really bad cramps during the time of the month so I will for sure be heating the pack up.


I honestly 100% recommend this monthly subscription service to anyone who loves workout apparel. Through this service, you’ll never have to shop for activewear outfits ever again! Although for me personally, I would opt for the $39.95 option instead. I don’t think I will be using the accessories as much. Looking at previous monthly boxes, I’m just not an accessory kind of person. With the subscription service, you have five days to preview what’s going to be in the box. From there, you have the chance to opt out if you don’t like the month’s items. I would like to mention that the package is sent in a beautiful rose gold color. Also, I believe Ellie just sent me another box so I’m so excited for the January edition! Nonetheless, I definitely recommend this service to anyone who loves activewear and I personally would sign up for this service myself as well.



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Wood Watches by Jord - Demi Bang Wood Watches by Jord - Demi BangWood Watches by Jord - Demi Bang Wood Watches by Jord - Demi Bang

This wood watch by JORD Watches is so minimalistic. For all my gentlemen out there (since this is a men’s watch), this is such a classy and unique way to add to your outfit. Think about it: when was the last time you notice someone wearing a wood watch? Probably never! Step outside the norms and wear something different. I got this watch as a gift for my friend and he absolutely loves it. For all my ladies out there with a boothang, get a wood watch for your guy if you know his style. If you don’t have a boothang, no worries. They offer both men and women style wood watches.

I partnered up with JORD Watches to host a giveaway for you all. The contest ends on 15th October 2017. The winner will receive $180 store credit towards any purchase from the site. To enter, click here.

In addition, if you’d like a $25 gift code (in case you missed the giveaway or need the watch ASAP) use this code: y118434t



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For the 5th time, I’m in love with Angie. Haha, see what I did there? Anyways, this watch that was sent to me by The 5th. This is the SoHo watch from their New York Classic collection. The watch came with two straps: a rose gold and a light grey one! As you can see, it’s pretty much goes with any outfit. I’m literally OBSESS with this watch. Never thought in a million years I would wear a leather strap watch; I’ve always stuck to my Michael Kors stainless steel watches (I think that’s what it’s called? Not sure!). Did not think it would really fit my style to be honest, but I find myself head over heels for leather strap watches. Now I know what I’m gonna ask for Christmas!

Here’s a little info about their company:
– Their products are available on the 5th of each month, for 5 days (Make sure you mark your calendars or sign up to be part of their VIP list!)
– If you join their VIP list, you have access to the products 9 hour before it’s available to the public (Get them before it’s sold out!)
– They currently have 3 watch collections: Melbourne Minimal, New York Classic, and Tokyo (Check out my YouTube unboxing video on the Fuyu watch from their Tokyo collection!)
– The 5TH has free shipping and returns worldwide (Uh, thank you!!!)
– 2-5 day delivery within the US (Shoutout to all my impatient followers!)

Also, thank you so much to Angie for shooting with me! I love her oh so much and every picture she takes comes out beautifully. Seriously, if anyone needs senior/family/whatever pictures, ask her because she has magic or something. Also, shoutout to Tea Swirl for letting us (Well, we didn’t really ask for permission… But we did rearrange a thing or two!) shoot in your store. You guys should definitely try their Okinawan Milk Tea with brown sugar boba. IT IS SO GOOD. Also, check in on Yelp so you can get 15% off of your order!

Check out my last shoot with Angie at the Salt River!

PS. Use the code “DEMI” when you check out to get 10% off!