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YASHEL Athletics

YASHEL Athletics were kind enough to send me these two pairs of shorts: Body Active Shorts Marble and Body Active Shorts Nude. These shorts are a bit too short on me; they do show my butt cheeks when I’m squatting or walking. I went hiking in these and while they felt super comfortable, I found myself flashing my butt cheeks. With that being said, I recommend going up a size. These shorts reminds me of my cheer days when I would wear shorts like these to practice. My favorite part of these shorts are the pockets! I’m a sucker for any clothing item with pockets. Another nice feature they have is a small pocket in the back on the band with a zipper. This feature is perfect for your driver’s license or any important cards that you don’t want to fall out.

Website description of these shorts:

The body-hugging nylon spandex helps keep you nice and snug, while being free to Do Great at whatever you put your mind to. Use the side pocket to hold small amenities; you deserve another set of hands.

These shorts are made out of moisture management Nylon-Spandex. These features include:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Prevents odor, and bacteria growth
  • Smooth, breathable touch
  • Quick dry

ALSO, YASHEL is currently running a campaign called YOU-ME-WE. They match each purchase with a donation of athletic wear to those in need. This is a great cause and definitely go check it out here.

YASHEL Athletics - Demi Bang YASHEL Athletics - Demi BangYASHEL Athletics - Demi Bang