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  1. Des | itsbetterinheels says

    Omg! 50 states… that is def something I can brush up on!! Lol, what better time, huh? Congratulations on graduating from college! And only sending positive thoughts your way concerning your job!! ????????The boredom is starting to hit me but getting used to taking walks regularly has helped relieve a little of the stir craziness lol. Stay safe doll!

    Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

  2. M says

    Yes yes yes! That first paragraph explains it perfectly… I just want to hear personal stories about how others are adjusting. I don’t know why. So thank you for sharing! It sucks that you’re graduating amongst this shit storm but otherwise you’re doing amazing, girl. I’ve been staying active in pretty much the same ways you have, and I feel like I’m building a quarantine life for myself too… but mine is just a little more lonely :(. Maybe I’ll go home and visit my parents for a while. Your family visits sound really nice.


  3. Jill says

    I can really relate from going to a super jam packed schedule to nothing. It is somewhat nice to not go to class then go to work and then work on my blog and homework, but like you, I feel directionless without a schedule. I am also a college student and I really hate online classes too! Hopefully, you’re able to graduate this May! I miss workout classes too. Hang in there!


  4. Bee says

    Wow, I love this! Social distancing is really difficult especially when you’re so used to having friends or people around you a lot of times. Gaaah, I’m adjusting to not being able to see my boyfriend everyday. Haha! I only see him once a week now.

    Stay safe! x

    Bee of https://beecaluya.com/ x

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