101 Things in 1001 Days is essentially what it means. These are 101 things I would like to accomplish within 2.75 years. Majority of these tasks probably won’t be accomplished in the time frame but never say never! I’ll be crossing out this list as I achieve them and possibly write a blog post on them as well.

101 Things in 1001 Days - Demi Bang

Start Date: 17 November 2017
End Date: 12 August 2020

[ T R A V E L + O U T D O O R S ]
1. Visit Singapore
2. Visit Vietnam
3. Visit Japan
4. Visit Portland
5. Visit New York City
6. Visit San Fransico
7. Visit Mexico
8. Visit the Ice Cream Museum
9. Go on a trip with my significant other
10. Go camping
11. Go snowboarding
12. Go ice skating
13. Go skydiving
14. Go stargazing/cloud gazing
15. Go on a week-long road trip
16. Rent out a cabin and enjoy nature
17. Study Abroad
18. Go on a trip by myself
19. Hike Grand Falls
20. Visit 10 Ramen places in LA and blog about it
21. Visit 10 Coffee shops in LA and blog about it
22. Have a bonfire
23. Have a picnic

[ C O N C E R T ]
24. Lollapalooza
25. Childish Gambino
26. Gold Rush

[ S O C I A L M E D I A ]
27. 10,000 followers on Instagram
28. 500 followers on my blog
29. 20,000 subscribers on my YouTube
30. Complete a Vlogmas
31. Host/Organize a blogger event
32. Post on YouTube every other day consecutively for a month
33. Blog post twice a week for a month

[ H E A L T H + F I T N E S S ]
34. No soda for a month
35. No potato chips for a month
36. No alcohol for a month
37. No Hot Cheetos for a month
38. No McDonalds for a month
39. No eating out for a month
40. No coffee for two weeks
41. Eat clean for a month
42. Do 100 pushups for 30 days challenge
43. Workout every single day for 100 days
44. Hit the 200 club in back squats
45. Hit the 200 club in bench press
46. Attend a dance class every week for a month
47. Participate in a 5k run
48. Give yoga a try again
49. Take a spin class
50. Stretch every day for a month
51. Be able to do the splits & scorpion

[ E D U C A T I O N ]
52. Get my esthetician license
53. Get trained from Borboleta
54. Get trained in microblading
55. Get on Dean’s List (lol)
56. Attend a blogging workshop
57. Read 5 books from start to finish
58. Get an internship out in LA
59. Graduate from undergrad
60. Apply to graduate school
61. Intern for a modeling agency one semester
62. Intern for a social media position
63. Intern at a MedSpa
64. Improve my Vietnamese (took 1/2 semester)
65. Improve my Chinese

[ B E A U T Y ]
66. Get 2 ear piercings
67. Get a tattoo
68. Get botox (for prevention!)
69. Get lip fillers
70. Get a microneedling facial
71. Get a boob job (lol)
72. Get my wisdom teeth taken out
73. Get straighter teeth (maybe braces again? ugh)
74. Invest in a really good skincare
75. Go completely blonde
76. Wear sunscreen every day for a month

[ G I V I N G B A C K ]
77. Donate blood
78. Attend a charity gala
79. Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters
80. Volunteer once a week for a whole year
81. Pay for the people behind me in drive-thru at In-N-Out
82. Pay for the people behind me in drive-thru at Starbucks
83. Send my mom roses randomly
84. Mail 10 handwritten letters

[ P E R S O N A L ]
85. Attend Phoenix Fashion Week
86. Join a pageant
87. Clean my room at my mom’s house
88. Detach myself from my phone/laptop for 48 hours
89. Cook for my significant other (anything but eggs lol)
90. Move into my first apartment
91. Make a paddle for my Big
92. Work for two weeks straight
93. Unsubscribe from spam emails on my mom’s account
94. Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind” with a friend (have a deep convo w/ them)
95. Fix a relationship that ended on bad terms
96. Get more professional clothing
97. Start listening to podcasts regularly
98. Clean out my clothes and donate old ones
99. Invest in silk pillows
100. Write another 101 Things in 1001 Days

101. Learn how to love myself