Productive Week - Demi Bang

Sundays are my favorite (not really). It’s the day I get most of my cleaning done in an effort to avoid doing homework. Who else feels the same? Here are ways you can do to start a more productive week.

1. Clean Clean Clean

I live by myself so keeping the place clean and tidy is sometimes easy and hard. Easy because everything in my apartment is obviously mine. Hard because it’s my personal space and if I go through phases where I don’t have a problem with my apartment looking messy, then I usually just leave it there. I find that when I have a clean environment, I feel much more at ease and fewer things I have to worry about. Even though I’m rarely at home due to school, work, and volunteering, it’s so relaxing coming home to a clean apartment.

2. Laundry

I love doing the laundry. I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much hang everything up. My PJs, EVERYTHING. This is probably why I have a million hangers because I’m just way too lazy to fold clothes. Storytime: one of my coworkers was telling her client how her husband hangs up every clothing piece and never actually folds laundry. I remember just looking at her being like, “oh shit. I do that too?” Haha, I mean, everyone has their own preference for how they organize their clothes. Having done the laundry is so nice because if you want to wear a specific blouse, it’s clean and you don’t have to look through your dirty laundry basket and looking for any sweat stains or smelling it if it’s acceptable for society, haha.

3. Meal Prep

Not going to lie, every time I’ve tried meal prepping, it never really benefits me. What happens is that I will eat everything that is in my pantry or my fridge EXCEPT for my meal prep. Then after 3-5 days, the food goes bad. Oops. If you’re going to meal prep, I suggest making different kinds of food or make something you’ll really enjoy and what get sick of. This saves so much time during the week especially if you overslept or are running late.

4. Plan Out Your Week

Take a moment to think about what you have to do this week and write them down in your planner. This will keep you organized so that halfway through the week, you won’t have to stress out about not having time to go to the grocery store when you had plenty of free time on Monday… Does that make sense? This is my favorite step in having a productive week!

5. Relax

Just sit back and enjoy the last couple of hours of your weekend. This could include taking a long leisure walk at the park and enjoy nature, or lay in bed and watch Netflix. My favorite is working out! (Check out my fitness posts here!) If you have homework, we all know the saying: due tomorrow, do tomorrow. Just kidding, but if you do have homework, make sure you get that done first.

Until next time, my little ones, have a productive week and remember: there’s a difference between productive and keeping yourself busy (I learned this the hard way). Follow my Instagram to keep up with my life!