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  1. June Nichole says

    Great read✨ Love your honesty with where you’re at in life – it definitely is a journey & it’s so great to be able to follow along and watch you grow ❤️ We all go through those phases no matter what field you are in it’s just part of life! Hoping some inspiration finds you soon but for now keep up on your goals ! You are amazing & one of a kind ????

  2. Sean says

    Taking chances like asking for a raise at work can be a nerve wrecking experience for anyone. But, it’s a very important to try to focus on doing the job( or call it a hobby) without trying to stress on the money. From the way that you’ve written about your life, your definitely on the right path. Your very ambitious and always strive to better yourself everyday since day one. So I genuinely hope that you achieve these goals yourself. Plus taking dancing as a hobby can be a productive and thrilling experience for your mind as well.
    Sean McMahon

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