About Demi


Demi Bang

Born in Salt Lake City. Raised by Tucson. Adopted by Phoenix.

Communication and Mathematics undergrad at Arizona State University. I have a huge passion for blogging and modeling. A huge advocate of equality. I LOVE coffee. In fact, you can probably find me at a local coffee shop if I’m not at work, in class, or on a shoot. I can speak both Mandarin and Vietnamese.

I have an esthetician and nail license and currently working as a nail technician to pay the bills, haha. After graduation, I hope to pursue a Masters in Communication and then travel around the world teaching math in third world countries through the Peace Corps.

I first started my blog so I can post numerous photos from the same photoshoot. Then over time, I decided that I wanted to share a bit of my personal life. You’ll find me blogging about modeling, photography, fitness, traveling, and the typical college lifestyle.