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  1. LlIamel diaz says

    Hey! I just had a breast augmentation (300CC, I was flat, did not have any breasts) I feel like mud breasts are HUGE, I hate my breast augmentation, I’m very conservative as you are. I’m 5’0 (petite) and only weight 95 lbs. It has only been 6 days after my breast augmentation but I’m feeling so sad and even ashamed…

  2. Josie says

    When did you start working out upper body again? I’m an avid gym goer. 5-6 days a week. I had my surgery 2 months ago. And am so eager to start doing upper body again.

    • Demi Bang says

      Hi Josie!

      Thanks for reading. I started working out about 3 months after my surgery, but I hired a personal trainer to make sure my forms were correct and to give me a more lax upper body workout. I mainly did lower body when I first started.

      Hope that helps!

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